Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Having implemented several high impact CRM initiatives across all functional areas and industry verticals, Axiom is at the vanguard ahead of providers in CRM implementation and back-to-back CRM solutions. Besides, our CRM application groups provide CRM consulting services right from the initial stages of developing a CRM strategy through to the remainder of the entire CRM lifecycle.

At Axiom, our strong technology background followed by our cutting-edge CRM strategy based solutions equip you with Customer Relationship Management services for rapid and precise CRM implementation. Combine this with our CRM consulting services and you have an ideal partner in us.

Axiom helps you create strategic differentiation and operational superiority by configuring and implementing a CRM solution aligned with the elements of your competitive strategy. While our CRM strategy and roadmap work in tandem with yours, you will be backed by detailed CRM value assessments; this therefore forms the basis for the implementation of exceptional CRM capability.

Axiom has service offerings tailored to technology and process maturity of your customer interactions. Our CRM consulting arm leverages deep technical and industry knowledge.

Our strategic alliances with best-of-breed application package vendors like Siebel and Oracle combine with our excellence at Global Delivery to give you the best in technology as well as execution. Our CRM Center of Excellence develops ROI toolkits, CRM implementation frameworks, reusable components and solutions that help deliver value to you through accelerated project execution, reduced design and development iterations, and prototyping methodologies that reduce your investment.

Axiom’s CRM strategies and the solutions help you address a variety of CRM implementation issues in areas such as account management, customer retention and campaign management, or call center interactions. Our CRM consulting team will help you devise specialized CRM strategies that reflect positively on your revenue, productivity and customer satisfaction. Our CRM strategies and CRM package solutions orchestrate a pinpoint execution.

CRM Services and Packages

Axiom’s CRM solutions help you continually gather information about prospects and customers, leverage that information to develop customized campaigns, products and services, personalize service to customers, and support the marketing, sales, delivery and service processes with integrated services. You can call our experts in to help you plan, implement or manage a CRM technology investment across areas like lead generation, customer retention, campaign management and account management. The Axiom’s CRM Practice offers the complete range of value-added services in the CRM space.

Our services span all major CRM packages :

  • Siebel
  • Oracle CRM
  • PeopleSoft CRM
  • mySAP
  • Vantive
  • Amdocs Clarify
  • Microsoft Dynamics™ CRM

We also provide services across contact center suites such as Avaya, Nortel, Genesys and CISCO, and niche CRM products such as E.piphany and SalesLogix.

Axiom’s understands the importance of enabling competitiveness in today’s business landscape. Providing outstanding customer service is more critical and doubly more challenging than ever. Companies that slack behind in meeting ever-soaring customer expectations face the risk of receding brand reputation, customer loss, and nose-diving revenues. Axiom plays a crucial role in ensuring this does not happen to you.