Pegasystems Recruitment Specialism

Pegasystems has been a niche technology focus at Axiom for a great many years. Our development & Integration practice includes specialist technology recruiters who truly understand the Pega market and talent pool.

What does Pega do? Pega streamlines enterprise systems transforming and boosting efficiency with its scalable architecture and minimal code. For many organisations, a crucial element to their business transformation journey.

Are you a Pega expert? If you have experience of Pega CRM, Pega BPM, end to end automation or real time AI, then you should get in contact with a Axiom PegaSystems specialists who will be able to match the your Pega system talents to the perfect role.

We have numerous opportunities for Pega KYC/CLM experts, whether you are a developer, architect, Pega project manager or Pega Engagement Lead specialist.
PegaSystems Requirements If your organisation is looking for qualified PegaSytem talent our proprietary database contains a very extensive list of referenced Pega Developers, Pega Architects, Project Managers Pega Engagement Leads and many, more sought after PegaSystems roles.

You can rely on our advice and assistance; you also get the benefit of our unique industry expertise and knowledge. Next Ventures will be a crucial partner for your Pega implementation projects whether your requirements are for an individual specialist or manager or an extensive delivery team.
Global Pega Technology Recruitment Partner Axiom is a global operation with offices UK, Netherlands, Germany, France, Switzerland,, USA and India.

We are fulfilling Pegasystems requirements in more than twenty countries so will almost certainly be able to find the right placement for you, in whichever geographic location that may be.
Your Pega Qualifications In addition to being fully-versed in Pega ,Systems CSA, CRM, LBA, LSA, RPA, Decisioning, AI, Engagement Lead and Project Management fields we also like to know what makes you unique compared to other candidates that may have similar skills and qualifications.

We, and our clients, are interested in highly motivated but collaborative, people who are able to work well in teams with colleagues, as well as demonstrate all the technical skills required.
Contact Us Today If this all sounds like you, then we want to hear from you. Either contact as directly via telephone or email to ask any questions you have.

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